Welcome Travelers!

We are located in tropical Darwin, Australia.

Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory and a very popular holiday location because of its lovely dry season weather and rich aboriginal culture. There is always a lot to see and do in Darwin! We enjoy being friendly and hospitable and we especially like meeting people from all over the world!

Services in Darwin

Why Choose Darwin!

We offer more than just only Internet Access, providing you with free email services as well as fax, scanning, printing and CD burning facilities and many more. Our Broadband Connections are absolutely fast and reliable. (1,5 Mbits)

You can Download your Digital Pictures from your Camera and send it to your own Server or you can burn it on a CD or maybe send with a Email.

In Darwin, you have the Choice between diverse LAN GAMES and you can play with your Friends or other enthusiasm people, LAN Games up to 10 at the same time between 4 pm til late.

Our Staff are fluent in English, German or Swiss German and we enjoy meeting people from all over the World.

Soft drinks are available. Food is not allowed.

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